Please yourself, not your second cousin Albert

You’ll never be able to please everyone with your choice. Find somewhere that you feel comfortable with and expresses what you’re like as a couple.

Book well in advance

The good venues are often booked up for popular dates way in advance, so as soon as you find the right place, book it!

Camping and glamping

If your venue offers this, it’s a real plus. Friends and families often travel miles to your wedding and can’t always afford the cost of hotels etc. Camping is a fun, affordable option and turns your celebration into a mini-holiday.

Keep it simple

Find a venue that offers a full range of services, bar, loos, links to trusted caterers etc. You need to focus on yourselves and your guests and leave the nuts and bolts stuff to someone else.

Visit the venues

Fun trip for you and your partner, tour around, find the right place, fall out, call it all off – just kidding.

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