Wedding Tipis

Tipis for your wedding.

For the one day you can celebrate with all your family and friends, the warm exotic space and atmosphere created by our wedding Tipis is hard to beat.

Combined with a great venue, there is nothing better to create a more memorable wedding with a warm and friendly feel, a sense of occasion and fun.

The single and the double Nordic Tipi are both tan in colour. The wooden pole helps maintain its structural integrity. In warmer months our Tipis are easily raised to take in the lovely view and temperature on a lovely day.

For the colder months of the year, you may choose to hire out our space heaters, perfect for keeping it nice and cosy on your special day!


What we offer

Custom floor plans

Our stunning Nordic tipis provide an unusual and informal environment in which to have a large gathering for a celebration, wedding or product launch.

Affordable Tipis

As we are a small local company we don’t charge VAT, which makes our Tipis very cost effective, but we still use the same top of the range Tentipi Nordic tips.


Bar, Dance Floor, Fire Pit and more!

Add extras to your Tipi to make a warm welcome for your wedding or event.

The tipis are huge inside and create a brilliant space for a sit-down wedding breakfast and then a party. There’s room for a bar and a band. The sides of the tipi can be raised to bring in a summer day, and closed in the evening to make a more initiate space.

The tipis lend themselves to personal decoration with photos form your and your partners life, tributes from friends and charms for the future. In one case we had 1,000 good-luck origami cranes swaying above the wedding guests!

Personal, unusual and unforgettable. A great choice for your wedding celebration.
… and if the venue offers camping and glamping, you can make a weekend of it!


For additional tables, seating, bar and firepit see: Accessory Hire

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